Make it simple for you to order and receive the custom futon you want.




How in the world do we make ordering custom stuff simple?!

 – 15 years of industry experience… we know what we are doing when it comes to ordering custom futon products.

 – We have strong relationships with suppliers we trust and can vouch for how they deliver time and time again.

 – Andy asks you all of the right questions up-front to ensure good communication of what is possible and why.

 – We are with you every step of the way, from concept to opening up that awesome package when it arrives.



“I was very quickly provided a quote that I was especially pleased with”
“The futon was packaged extremely well and delivered without harm”
“I couldn’t be more pleased with how this entire purchase took place. From beginning to end, I perceive genuine value”
– Timothy Malone




We are proud to be partnered with two of the best wholesalers in the industry. No joke, these folks are the best! A special thanks goes out to them for helping us achieve our mission.


Otis Bed Manufacturing: Located in Buffalo, NY



SIS Covers: Located in Brooklyn Center, MN


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Custom Quote Form
Rectangular Dimensions in Inches (example: 33" x 65")
Note: these are the Otis models we have had the best results with when processing custom orders. Other models are available upon special request.
Note: these are the SIS fabrics we have had the best results with when processing custom orders. Your quote will include a link through which you will be able to view a sample of the fabric. Other colors and patterns are available upon special request.