Our Beginnings

I got my start in Futons working at a specialty shop in Iowa City while attending the University of Iowa. After graduating in 2006, I opened my own brick and mortar (Custom Futons) in Dubuque which we eventually converted into an online store in 2014. The evolution of our business makes for a fun story, read more about it here:

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Family Owned

It’s true, we’re tiny and glad to have it that way. I (that is me… Andy.. self-proclaimed futon guy and proud sole proprietor) handle all communication and sales transactions myself ensuring the timely quoting, purchase and delivery of our products. Check out our mission to learn more about how we provide a unique experience.

Our Mission Statement 




Experience and Quality

12 years and counting, we believe our success has come from a willingness to listen to customers and provide good stuff. It’s that simple. Working with two of the best wholesalers in the industry (Otis Bed & SIS Covers) is how we achieve this mission. If you’re even kinda interested, let me prepare a quote for you… it’s pretty painless 🙂

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Custom Quote Form
Rectangular Dimensions in Inches (example: 33" x 65")
Note: these are the Otis models we have had the best results with when processing custom orders. Other models are available upon special request.
Note: these are the SIS fabrics we have had the best results with when processing custom orders. Your quote will include a link through which you will be able to view a sample of the fabric. Other colors and patterns are available upon special request.