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Due to recent product improvements more people are using futons to furnish their homes. According to Parker, that is why their store
targets middle-aged individuals as well as college students looking for alternative furniture. “It's quality furniture that can convert from
a couch to a bed," he said. "People don’t always realize just how comfortable and practical these pieces really are.” Mattresses are
made on-site and all products come with a warranty.
When asked about how much someone could expect to spend on a futon Parker said, “We really try to offer something at every price
point.” He noted the importance of having more affordable units for college students but also stressed that many of the items they
carry are of a higher quality than what you might find in a college dorm room. “That’s why college students aren’t the only people
buying futons, he said, the product looks and feels so much better than it used to so it’s become a logical choice for home owners
who are furnishing guest rooms and other living spaces.”
The Parkers celebrated Custom Futon’s two year anniversary in June of 2008 and extended their gratitude to all of the customers
that have been supporting their business. “We are very fortunate,” said Parker. “We’re lucky that people in Dubuque support small
business. These first few years have been a real blessing in that regard.”  
Andy and Jenny Parker
both grew up in Dubuque
and graduated from the
University of Iowa.
Together they own and
operate Custom Futons, a
retail store specializing in
futon furniture located on
the corner of JFK and
Asbury. “I worked
throughout  college at a
futon shop in Iowa City
and after Jenny and I were
engaged we decided to
open Custom Futons,”
said Parker. “We both
grew up in Dubuque and
felt there was an
opportunity to open a
specialty store here.”
As Published in the "Telegraph Herald"
June 2008
Custom Futons
As Printed in "The Golden View"
May 2014

After 8 years in business, Custom Futons owner, Andy Parker, has
decided to convert his shop into an online store. Opened by Parker in
June of 2006, Custom Futons sits on the corner of JFK and Asbury and
houses some of the highest quality futons Dubuque has to offer. He
decided to open his store after working at a futon shop in Iowa City while
attending The University of Iowa. “I knew I wanted to open a brick and
mortar and I’m grateful for the experience” said Parker. “Leaving our
storefront will be hard in some ways, but I know it’s time for our business
to make a change.”

Starting in 2011, Parker noticed he was being contacted by out-of-state
customers in search of custom- sized mattresses for antique beds,
window seats, RV’s, etc. “Some of the requests I get are kind of funny,”
he said. “It really goes to show you that people think of using futon
mattresses in all sorts of ways.”
While reducing overhead was a large objective in Parker’s decision to close his doors, he notes that this transition is about more
than saving on costs. He says that by moving to an online model, Custom Futons can cater to Dubuque customers and, at the same
time, maintain relevance in a world of commerce that is continually being reshaped by the internet. “We are adapting,” said Parker.
“If running a storefront has taught me anything, it’s simply how important it is to adapt to change if you want your business to grow.”

Liquidation of inventory has already begun and Parker says he believes they will depart from their physical storefront sometime this
May. He will, of course, still be available online at www.customfutons.net.
Andy Parker - at The Futon Shop 2005